Spain dispatches frigate to Black Sea

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MADRID (TASS): The Spanish authorities have decided to expedite the dispatch of their Blas de Lezo frigate to the Black Sea as part of the NATO mission. This was announced on Thursday by the Minister of Defense of the Kingdom Margarita Robles.
“Spain is a serious ally [in NATO], Spain now has more than 350 people deployed in Latvia,” the head of the department noted. “Two days ago, a [Spanish] ship left <…>, which was included in the fleet of ships in the Mediterranean Black Sea”. “The frigate Blas de Lezo will leave in three or four days,” the minister added, whose words were circulated by the Europe Press agency. “In this case, it was [decided] to speed up what is connected with the release of the ships <…>, within the framework of NATO agreements” .
“The possibility of air deployment in Bulgaria with the participation of Spain is also being evaluated,” Robles said. “Spain’s position [on the situation around Ukraine], like NATO, is that the response should be diplomatic, that there should be de-escalation,” the minister said.
Recently, in Western countries, as well as in Ukraine, there have been statements about a possible Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called such information empty and unfounded escalation of tension. Peskov stressed that Russia poses no threat to anyone. At the same time, he did not rule out the possibility of provocations to justify such statements, and warned that attempts to resolve the crisis in southeastern Ukraine by force would have the most serious consequences.

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