Speakers urge Pakistan to play positive role in Afghanistan

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Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: Pakistan American Press Association (PAPA) held an event titled “Situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Policy in current scenario.” Majority of the speakers at event regretted the way America withdrew from Afghanistan and urged Pakistan to play its positive role in the stability of Afghanistan.

Jim Moran, a former Congressman in his key note address said that it was very unfair the way US left Afghanistan so abruptly, leaving behind so many friends of America who worked for America and risked their lives for America. He regretted the fact that horrible level of corruption was took place in Afghanistan and that there was huge distrust on Ashraf Ghani led government in Afghanistan.

Mr Moran said that “by America turning its back on Afghanistan, we have sent a wrong message to the rest of the world.” Mr Moran further added that America should have never stayed in Afghanistan in first place. “We should have listened to the military instead of President Trump” Mr Moran added.

Regarding Taliban Mr Moran said that they should have not gotton everything they wanted and that he was very disappointed from Zalmay Khalilzad who was heading the peace negations with Taliban on behalf of America.
Regarding Pakistan Mr Moran said that “without the support of Pakistan, Taliban could have not achieved what they have achieved.” Mr Moran also condemned the statement of Imran Khan saying that Afghanistan has come out from clutches of slavery.

Mr Moran said that Pakistan is not going to get the aid the US has been giving and that Pakistani Taliban will be getting much stronger in coming days. He also predicted that China and Russia are going to play a greater role in Afghanistan. Sajid Tarar, who is a die hard supporter of former President Trump in his key note address stated that Taliban didn’t win the war, America lost the war. Tarar regretted the fact that CIA chief begged Mulla Baradar in Afghanistan.

Regarding Ashraf Ghani’s government Mr Tarar said that there were ghost soldiers in his government and they were getting salaries while sitting at home. Mr Tarar further said that American evacuation was like “a trailer of horror movie.”

Mr Tarar wondered as to what has happened to America under the leadership of President Biden where Chinese President Xi has even refused to met Biden. “North Korea did not do a single missile test when Trump was the president but they just did a missile test” Tarar said.

Regarding Pakistan Mr Tarar said that it is a very critical situation for Pakistan and so far Pakistan foreign policy has been pathetic. “One thing common between Afghanistan and Pakistan is corruption and lack of accountability.” Tarar added.
Mr Tarar urged Pakistan not to put itself in a position where it’s relationship with the world is contingent.

Senator Richard black from Virginia in his key note address said that Taliban are not Al Qaeda and that America had every right to attack Al Qaeda but had no right to stay in Afghanistan. “The idea to transform the country and make it a democratic country was wrong” Richard added.
Mr Richard further said that America spent two trillion dollars in Afghanistan so the withdrawal should have been done at least in a respectable way.

Mr Richard was happy that Taliban have so far not commit much atrocities in Afghanistan and that the US has more leverage on Taliban than any other country.

Regarding Pakistan, Senator Richard said that Pakistan’s interest in Afghanistan are much more than America because they are their next door neighbour country and Pakistan has great worries about Pakistani Taliban. Senator Richard further added that “China, Russia and Iran have enormous interest in the stability of Afghanistan and they will be playing a greater role because of their location and interests.”

Dr Nisar Chaudry, a senior analyst in his address said that Afghanistan is not a nation, it a country of tribes. He further said that the way America withdrew from Afghanistan was very sad. “It was an escape not withdrawal” Dr Chaudry said.

Dr Chaudry urged the world leaders to give Taliban government incentives instead of abandoning them. Regarding Pakistan US relations Dr Chaudry said that America and Pakistan relations are challenging but this relationship must be made stronger instead of weaker.

Dr Chaudry regretted the fact that Pakistan is making the same mistake it made after Russia left Afghanistan. “Pakistan first made mistake of supporting Hikmatyar and now it’s making mistake of supporting Haqqani network” Dr Chaudry added.

Participants of the event appreciated the initiatives PAPA is taking in order to bridge relationship between Pakistan and America and hoped that more such events will be taking place on regular basis.

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