PIA announces to operate 35 special international flights to bring stranded Pakistanis

Special flight repatriates 76 stranded passengers

ISLAMABAD (APP): The second special commercial flight of the Pakistan International Airlines Saturday repatriated 76 passengers from Tashkent to Lahore who were stranded there after closure of flights operations due to COVID-19 outbreak.

The passengers included 66 Pakistanis, three Russian citizens of Pakistani origin and six Uzbek citizens, said a press release received here.

The Pakistani passengers included students, migrant workers and their families.

The repatriation was made in pursuance of the Government of Pakistan’s policy to bring back Pakistani nationals stranded in other countries.

During their stay in Uzbekistan, the Pakistan’s Mission remained in constant contact with the compatriots and strived to take utmost care of them.

The Pakistan Mission also thanked the Uzbek government for their support and cooperation to ensure repatriation of Pakistani citizens.

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