Starlink & Pakistan

Jalil Afridi

WASHINGTON DC : The Frontier Post asked the US State Department Spokesperson, Matthew Miller about Starlink, a satellite based internet company, owned by billionaire Elon Musk. The Spokesperson has asked for some time to reply back and this story will be updated accordingly.

Jalil Afridi at US State Department Press Briefing Room

The real interesting part of this story pertains to the world after Corona and how nations are coping/planning for challenges related to Information Technology (IT).

Securing data and enabling communication channels to operate accordingly has become one of the most important task for every country around the world.

Space rights of every country and those involved with these rights will also become more active and important in coming days. And obviously making money and profits are elements related to the IT world.

It is pertinent to mention here that Starlink since last one year has been providing internet service to users in Ukraine.

Beside PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) some other Pakistani government departments are also said to be involved and are looking into Starkink interests in Pakistan and its possible repercussions.