State institutions emanate from Parliament, says Ahsan

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday stressed the need to ensure dignity and respect of Parliament as it was the centre from where state institutions ultimately take powers and owe their existence.

Talking to the media after addressing the 2nd All Punjab Workshop on Young Peace Development Corps (YPDC) here at Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), he said all politicians must get united on national issues to tackle major challenges. Today, he said, one of Pakistan’s neighbouring countries was threatening to carry out surgical strikes for which all segments of society must get united to confront the situation.

On the FATF grey list, Ahsan Iqbal said Pakistan had already taken several measures to curb the money-laundering and putting Pakistan on the watch list would not affect its economic development. He said the resolution in this regard had been moved by the US to apparently pressurize Pakistan. Pakistan’s steps against money-laundering were far better than many other countries, he added. He said Pakistan, under the National Action Plan, had also taken a number of measures against the menace of terrorism. He said sarcastically that “surgical strikes” were somehow benefiting Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), adding  anti-PML-N initiatives had enhanced party’s popularity among masses.

Addressing the workshop, the interior minister said the youth were the future of the country and empowering them was the responsibility of government, asserting that familiarizing the youth with contemporary education and research was the need of hour. Unfortunately, he added, propaganda was being done against the country’s development and integrity, while a perception of disappointment was being spread among some of the youth, which was not fair. He advised the youth to create self-confidence and keep themselves away from all such matters, which could affect their future.

Ahsan Iqbal said the world was appreciating Pakistan’s economic development during the last five years and national media should also highlight this development and positive changes. In 1947, Pakistan was not given its share of resources, but today Pakistan is one of the 10 major countries, having digital technology and 3-G and 4-G technology infrastructure, he added. The minister said continuity of policies and political stability was a must to achieve economic development goals, adding that in this way, Pakistan could rectify and remove its faults of 70 years within the next 20 years.

Next 10 years, he added, were more important for Pakistani youth, as they would have to play a lead role to develop the country. “Today lack of knowledge is the main cause of Muslim’s downfall and we have to improve our knowledge and strengthen our economy”, he said and added “for which the youth and universities will have to play the role of Engine of Research and Knowledge. We do not have to promote sit-ins and chaos but quality, invention and an increased growth.”