Statesman’s charity and country’s humiliations

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Governor Punjab Chaudry Muhammad Sarwar recently paid an official cum personal tour of the United States where he did an excellent job in humiliating Pakistan for his personal reason during making handsome money for his NGO, Sarwar Foundation. The Governor attended the wedding ceremony of his niece in Texas. He attended an event with business community in Houston, Texas, and a selected gathering of Pakistani Community at Embassy of Pakistan Washington DC. As reported, Governor Punjab remained busy in gathering donations for his charity organization Sarwar Foundation, from Pakistani diaspora in the United States, particularly in downtown Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

According to reports, the governor demanded bank cheques from Pakistani Americans businessmen in the name of governor’s wife for the purpose of constructing water wells in Pakistan particularly in South Punjab and many of opportunists Pakistani Americans displayed generosity in the hope of future return back. Notably, the donations were a condition to handshake the governor those who did not loose their pockets they remained failed to see the governor’s face during his visit to Washington DC. The people known to the fact enthusiastically informed others that the Sarwar Foundation fixed the per water well rate at US $ 15000 instead of its real expenditure of $ 1000. Some intelligent Pakistani Americans rightly commented that governor also included the price of the land on which water well was to be constructed. Pakistani American Politician and former buddy of President Trump Mr. Sajid Tarar also offered his shoulder and hosted an event with Chaudhry Sarwar in Maryland. It is also important to mention here that the honorable governor took fourty thousand dollars just from Washington DC and this does not include the amounts he received during his visit to Texas, Kansas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. The event was attended by Pakistani diaspora as well as Indian American Sikh community. A member of the Sikh community gave a file to the governor which contained a request that Punjab government should allocate a property next to Kartarpur Corridor for construction of school.

In fact, the real Philanthropist was Abdul Sattar Edhi who practically begged for charity and saved his good name in the history. However, the present-day Philanthropists are opportunists and always remain in efforts to fill their own packets. It is suggestible that the public office holders must be restricted from participating in charity work except if they show Courage to pay from their own packet otherwise the charity donations receive by the office holders are just like bribe which most likely to be pay back by national exchequer or national assets.

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