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Stephen Hawking’s final research paper centers around theory of multiverse

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LONDON: The last work of late renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has been released which centers around the theory of the multiverse.

According to the research paper that Hawking wrote in collaboration with Thomas Hertog, submitted a few days before his death, reality may be made up of multiple universes, but each one may not be so different to our own.

The new theory challenges the ideas proposed earlier by Hawking himself, particularly his previous view that the history of the universe has no boundary, that space existed without time before the Big Bang and therefore the universe has no beginning.

Hawking’s paper suggests that there may be a much smaller range of possibilities for universe types than previous estimates had suggested.

So “the behaviour of our own, observable universe might not be a rare outlier, but perhaps (be) relatively typical.”

Other universes would be subtly different, perhaps with Earth-like planets where dinosaurs were not wiped out.

The theory also suggests that there would be universes completely unlike our own, with no Earths, perhaps no stars and galaxies and different laws of physics.

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