Storm Gloria claims 11 lives in Spain

OVIEDO, Spain (AA): At least 11 people have died and several more are missing Thursday from winter storm Gloria that has devastated parts of Spain.

The storm brought with it record-breaking waves in the Mediterranean Sea, huge amounts of snowfall and rain, strong winds, storm surges and flooded rivers when it hit Monday.

A victim was caught Thursday in his car while driving in the region of Barcelona, while another man was found after presumably falling into the sea Wednesday.

Five other individuals have been reported missing, and rescue crews are also searching for six fishermen who sent a distress signal in the waters between Spain and Morocco.

The northeastern part of Spain and parts of Andalusia in the south are still on alert. In Girona, Catalonia, residents of 29 municipalities have been told to stay indoors and above street level due to flooding.

On the Mediterranean coast, dozens of beaches have been swallowed by the sea, as has nearly the entire Ebro River delta. In the delta alone, destruction is estimated at €10 million ($11 million).

“We can’t fix everything that has been lost, but we won’t spare on any resources to restore normality,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told the media in Mallorca while visiting some of the worst affected regions Thursday.

“Climate change is getting stronger and we’re dealing with the effects … we need to develop a culture of preparation so that lives and businesses aren’t as affected by these kinds of meteorological phenomena.”

The storm is expected to let up in the northern region Friday but is expected to affect Andalusia region until Saturday.

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