Strange and belated demand

Former Chairman Senate, veteran parliamentarian, constitutional expert and senior leader of PPP, Senator Raza Rabbani has demanded for the formation of National Accountability commissions and has complained that only politicians are targeted with a process of selective accountability and influential government functionaries are treated immune from it. However, he conceded this bitter reality that corruption is devouring the country from within and must be rooted out.

Speaking about national issues in Senate, former Chairman Senate expressed the fear that fascist elements have been let loose to weaken the parliament and incumbents of constructional slots. Mian Raza Rabani is a top notch legal expert and sublime orator and in his search for farfetched conceit sometime he draws fantastic parallels by using hyperbolic techniques of English literature and reference from Islamic history. While addressing a function on the eve of in 2016“Bari Imam, Sentator Raza Rabbani equated the constitution of Pakistan with the “Charter of Medina”, an unnecessary and extremely far fetched conceit.

After the emergence of thousand of fake bank accounts, commencement of FIA inquiry against PPP Co-Chairman Asif Zardari and his Sister Faryal Talpur and formation of JIT on the order of the Apex Court, PPP leaders are making hue and cry about the independence and impartial activism of state institutions by raising the bogey of dangers to democracy and sovereignty of the parliament. The phraseology that cleavages have appeared in structure of parliament is subtle but botched attempt to divert and hoodwink the public opinion from the ongoing across the board process of accountability in cases of financial corruption and money laundering.

During the tenure of previous PML-N government, the ruling party had two-third majority in the National Assembly and PP had the majority in Senate. Had the ruling PML-N , its allies and main opposition PPP wanted to form National Accountability Commission, they could have easily passed legislation for its formation like the passage of 18th amendment. Perhaps the top leadership of both the mainstream political parties with three tenures of governments at their credit did not expect that an era of transparency and accountability will herald in Pakistan. It is too much to symbolize the un-parliamentary remarks made by the Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry in the upper house with unfounded allegation of letting loose the forces of fascism. In the parliamentary history of the country a number of law makers either because of slip of tongue or under the spell of emotions or deliberately had made remarks which were incompatible with their role as parliamentarian. Such remarks were used to be expunged from the proceedings of the house. Never ever, a mountain was created out of mole.

Three parliaments have completed their five years mandated term and the country is fast moving towards functional and participatory democracy based on the principles of transparency, rule of law, adherence to merit and good governance. Parliament is supreme. The landmark judgments of the Supreme Court have set the course for true democracy. Let the state institutions perform their functions enshrined in the constitution without political pressure.


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