Student secures whopping $9m in US scholarship offers

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LOUISIANA: In an exemplary achievement, a student from Louisiana, United States has received university scholarship offers worth millions of dollars.

The 16-year-old Dennis Barnes, who is studying at the International High School of New Orleans pursuing his final year, has been offered scholarships worth $9 million after he applied to at least 200 colleges across the country in August last year.

At least 125 schools have so far accepted Barnes, while his hopes remain high to receive more opportunities before he makes his final enrolment decision.

This feat by the incredible student has led him to set a new national record soon.

“My goal is to reach $10 million,” he said while speaking to a local media outlet, WWL-TV, which first reported the eye-popping amount the student has amassed.

The teenager said his social media “blew up” after news of his accomplishment garnered traction. Barnes has a near-perfect grade point average (GPA), while he is already pursuing college credits at the Southern University in New Orleans.

The young student did not find the process of applying to so many schools “overwhelming like most people would think”.

“I started at the beginning of the school year and over time, over a long period of time, I was applying,” he said.

Barnes added that his plans include pursuing a dual degree in computer science and criminal justice, a statement released by his school read.

Next month, however, he will announce which college he chooses to attend for his higher education.

“The road to a successful future is to plan ahead, network with the collegiate partners, and know that if you can see your vision, you can achieve your goal,” he said, advising fellow students.

The record is currently held by a student, Normandie Cormier, from the same US state, which he set three years ago.

Cormier, who was offered total scholarship aid worth $9.4 million from around 140 schools in 2019, is now completing her master’s degree at Louisiana State University.

She also sought recognition from the Guinness World Records for her achievement. However, the organisation couldn’t establish if she was the only student to claim the feat around the world.