Students call to open girls’ schools above grade sixth

KABUL (TOLOnews): Responding to the continued closure of girls’ schools above the sixth grade, girls asked that their schools be opened in Nimroz.
The girls said that closing of the schools is frustrating.
Shayesta is a ninth-grade student in Nimroz and it has been 400 days since she went to school, and she called on the Ministry of Education to open schools immediately.
“We want to go to schools like other students and learn,” said Shayesta, a student.
“The closing of schools disappoints us, how long will we have a bright future and how long will we endure this sadness and pain?” said Rana, a student.
A conference was held in Nimroz to encourage students and young people to study, in this conference the teachers called on the Islamic Emirate to open secondary schools for girls.
“Students in the seventh grade up to twelve grade also have hopes for their future to become a teacher or a doctor,” said Atifa Karimi, a teacher.
“It is our only request of the Islamic Emirate that they open schools above the grade sixth,” said Suhila Sakhi, a teacher.
Meanwhile, officials of the education department in Nemroz said that girls’ schools above the sixth grade will be reopened after the completion of a plan by the Ministry of Education.
“Whenever we receive an order from officials to reopen the school, we are ready to do so,” said Gul Ahmad Haqyar, head of the Education Department in Nimroz.
It has been 400 days that girls above grade sixth have not been allowed to attend schools.