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Students say they lack buildings and teachers

Written by The Frontier Post

KABUL (TOLOnews): Teachers and students complained about the lack of buildings and teachers in Kabul. Earlier, the Ministry of Education said it would provide students across Afghanistan with new textbooks.

TOLOnews reached out to one of the schools in Bagrami district of Kabul. The school is named Kandosang, which lacks buildings and other resources.

‘We ask the Islamic Emirate to facilitate classes for us. It has been more than six years that there are no classes (buildings), no chairs, no textbooks. We want to be educated to make our country,’ said Marzia, a student.

Some teachers have been working as volunteers in this school to teach the students.
‘I come to teach here because the students have their hopes on us. They want to study,’ said a teacher.

‘Our students come in the morning and the sun is very hot as they finish their lessons. Many of them face health issues, such as diarrhea,’ said a teacher.

Some elders and officials of the school expressed criticism over the lack of attention of the former government toward education in the district.

‘We have a lot of shortages. The parents of the students come and see that their children are studying in an open area under the sun. The school lacks buildings,’ said Gulistan Ahmadzai, headmaster of the school.

Despite consecutive attempts, TOLOnews was unable to obtain any comment from the Islamic Emirate in this regard.

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