Study finds air pollution increases risk of death by 20%

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NEW YORK: A recent study has found that air pollution contributes to cardiovascular-related mortality.

Medical News Today reported that researchers found that household air pollution is linked with cardiovascular-related deaths.

While several factors affect health like genetics, environment can play a huge role in health risks.

WHO says 24% of deaths worldwide can be attributed to the environment. This includes exposure to detrimental chemicals, harsh weather events like heat waves, sanitation, and air pollution.

Scientists are still studying and exploring how environmental factors cause risk to heart health.

The multiethnic study sample included 50,045 participants from Iran.

The research studied multiple factors like proximity to traffic, socioeconomic situation, population density, and fuel use in households, to mention a few.

Areas with higher air pollution were found likelier to have cardiovascular mortality. There was a 20% more chance of general all-cause mortality.

Individuals who use biomass fuel like wood were 36% more likely to experience such a death.

The study authors noted the need to address environmental risks especially those related to heart health.

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