“Study of theater of war”: What is happening in the Black Sea

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Ilya Kharlamov

The Black Sea region is restless. As part of the exercise, several American warships entered the water area. A US reconnaissance aircraft was spotted near the border with Russia, and Kiev again blames Moscow for everything.
The US Navy and its allies are studying the “supposed theater of war” in the event of an escalation of the situation in Donbass and the implementation of a military scenario by Kiev. This is how the Russian D-efense Ministry commented on the US military activity in the Black Sea. The exercises, conducted by the united command of the US armed forces in Europe, will involve not only ships, but also aircraft for various purposes, including strategic ones.
In addition, on Novem-ber 9, 25 kilometers from the border with the Russian Federation, the radar spotted an American E-8C reco-nnaissance aircraft design-ed to detect ground targets and adjust strikes against them. This flight was not a violation of international rules, but the Russian military closely monitored the actions of the aircraft.
It must be assumed that the US aircraft appeared near the Russian borders for a reason. According to military expert Alexei Leonkov, this may be due to the publications of the American media that Russia is allegedly again pulling troops to the border of Ukraine. On the air of Sputnik radio, a military expert commented on this situation: “As soon as such publications in the media begin, American reconnaissance planes appear in the air, checking this information and trying to find Russian troops that are standing on the border with Ukraine. seas, go around Crimea, study the activity of the Russian Armed Forces. “
The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba, in turn, expressed his solidarity with the US assessment of the Russian military action near Ukraine. True, he clarified that there is no talk of a “line of no return” so far. According to the head of the Foreign Ministry, Ukrainian intelligence does not have information about offensive formations along the border of Ukraine. However, Kiev has traditionally accused Moscow of creating tension in the region.

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