Study shows, Plant-based diets ‘speed up metabolism’

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Plant-based diets are commonplace these days – just ask Corrie’s Beverley Callard who kept things vegan during her time in the I’m a Celebrity castle this year.

And now a new study has been added to the ever-growing body of research into the benefits of a plant-based diet; it speeds up metabolism.

The clue is in the name of this eating plan – it revolves around eating only, or mostly, foods derived from plants and with few or no animal-source foods. It doesn’t mean you’re vegetarian or vegan, but mostly shun meat and dairy products.

In a randomised control trial, a team from health organisation the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine found that eating plant-based led to an 18.7 per cent increase in after-meal calorie burn.

“These findings are groundbreaking for the 160 million Americans struggling with overweight and obesity,” said study author Hana Kahleova, MD, PhD, director of clinical research for the Physicians Committee. “Over the course of years and decades, burning more calories after every meal can make a significant difference in weight management.”

Results of the study, which involved overweight participants who had no history of diabetes, have been published.

The trial lasted for 16 weeks, with one group of the participants switching to a low-fat, plant-based diet, and the remaining recruits making no diet changes. No one in the trial amended their exercise routine or medication unless instructed by their doctor.

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