Subversive stratagem

The past 70 years history of the country bears testimony to fact that political parties melted away when the founding members and sincere cadres were victimized and humiliated by the new entrants who then occupied high offices in the party and the government. After the independence of Pakistan, Muslim league lost strength after the induction of stalwarts of Unionist Party into its ranks and files. The decline of People’s started when Z.A Bhutto sidelined the ideological and committed party leaders. Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf is going the same way after rewarding the seasonal birds with party and government slots.

The basic membership of 18 MPs, who were given show cause notice, has been terminated. The estranged PTI law makers have alleged that the head of disciplinary committee is not impartial and have argued that a neutral founding member of the party should head this committee to impartially conduct the enquiry into the charges of selling votes in the Santé election. The plea is plausible under the principles of equity and justice. After taking oath on the Holy Quran by disgruntled MPs, the Central leadership should not have appointed a controversial person as head of the disciplinary committee because it will certainly tarnish the image of the neutral members of the committee who have their association and loyalty with the party for the past two decades.

The allegations of the head of the disciplinary committee and repudiations from the show caused MPs have made PTI a laughing stock which is demoralizing the youth who idolize Imran Khan. They are extremely worried about the role of vested interest in the party to dint PTI image in the masses because next general elections are few months away. The show caused MPs have warned the disciplinary committee to stop vilification campaign against them otherwise they will be left with the only option to unmask the ill-wisher of PTI. They tore the copies of show because notices on the pleaded that a barrage of allegations was slapped on them first and the notices were issued later. They vowed to approach the court of law and appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Suo Moto in this matter.

The cleavage that was deliberately created in structure of PTI is widening. Advisor to the Chief Minister, Abdul Haq has also resigned. The number of antagonized PTI MPs has reached almost half party’s numerical strength in the Provincial Assembly which may give a golden opportunity to the opposition to requisition the session of the Assembly and ask the Chief Minister to take the vote of confidence. In case he does not win it then party carders will certainly be demoralized. It is high time that PTI Chairman Imran Khan seriously ponders over the state of affair of his party in KP, find out the Trojan horse and take action against him to save the party and its image. Poor people, particularly the educated youth rightly expect from this charismatic and patriotic leader to fulfill his promise of establishing a healthy, an egalitarian and transparent political culture to end the accountable to none oligarchic system of governance and pave the way for participatory democracy in the country.




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