Sudan and the Great Game

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The Sudanese authorities want to amend the agreement with Russia regarding construction of a Russian naval base in Port Sudan on the shores of the Red Sea. According to reports, Sudanese authorities are working to modify the previous lease agreement for five years with the possibility of signing an agreement for 25 years. However, Russia has not yet responded to the Sudanese proposal regarding Russia’s Naval basing in its country. According to details of the agreement, the Russian Navy can deploy its 300 servicemen at the Naval facility and up to four Russian warships including nuclear powered vessels will be able to stay there at the same time.

Russia signed an agreement for the establishment of a naval logistic facility with Sudanese former President Omer Al-Bashir during 2017. While the democratic government of Sudan announced a review of the agreement after assuming the office. According to reports, Sudanese lawmakers want to analyze dividends of foreign military basing on their soil vis-a-vis country’s strategic interests in the region and beyond. Historically, former Sudanese President Omer Al-Bashir enjoyed close relations with Russia and Sudan had been a recipient of Russian military hardware and military assistance during the past. However, after formulation of a democratic government in Sudan, the country has drifted away from Russia’s influence and entered the American camp. According to reports, Russia’s private military contractor “Wagner Group” and mining firms “M Invest” and “Meroe Gold” owned by a close associate of Vladimir Putin are working in the fields of oil and mining of gold in Sudan. After the removal of the Pro-Russian regime in Sudan, the United States is actively working to eradicate the Russian infrastructure from the African country. The incumbent Sudanese government is considering freezing the agreement with Russia. Presently, the United States is not only backing the Democratic government of Sudan but also targeting the Russian companies and individuals working on different projects in Sudan. At times, Sudan has become a battleground for the two great powers, the benefits of this great game are yet unseized, however, its repercussions would badly affect the Sudanese public and the government in the long term.

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