Sudan: army, opposition agree to 3-year transition

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AA): Sudan’s military leaders and opposition groups have agreed to a three-year transition period before general elections.

At a press conference late Tuesday in Khartoum, the two sides also said they have agreed to establish three levels of governance, including a joint transitional council, cabinet and parliament.

Yasir Alatta, a leading member of the ruling Transitional Military Council, said they have allocated the right to form the cabinet to the opposition alliance.

“The size of the transitional parliament will be 300 members, 67% of which will be appointed by the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces and 33% of which will be negotiated between the two sides,” Alatta confirmed.

Medani Abas Medani, a leading member of the opposition alliance, said negotiations would continue on Wednesday to discuss the details of the formation of the joint transitional council and the percentage of representation of the two sides.

“We have also agreed to form a joint committee to investigate the violent incidents that took place Monday night in the square at the sit-in in front of the army headquarters [in the capital] that left eight people dead and 200 injured,” he added.

The latest developments come after talks between the military council and opposition alliance had stalled over the formation of the joint transitional council and the transition period.