Sudan says grateful to Russia for debt cancellation

MOSCOW (TASS): Khartoum is grateful to the Russian leadership for the decision to meet halfway with the republic in writing off its debt to Moscow and counts on further support. This was stated on Wednesday by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Sudan Mohammad Sharif at an online conference.
According to the deputy minister, the country is faced with an acute problem of debt obligations, which “makes it difficult to move along the path of economic transformations,” and expects to conclude a number of agreements to write off part of them.
“This problem continues to be [on the agenda]. We have debts to other countries. But we would like to thank the Russian leadership for the fact that Russia met us halfway on this issue. And we hope that this support will continue,” he said he.
Sharif pointed out that the country is conducting an active dialogue on economic issues with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and a number of international sponsoring organizations. “Despite the fact that we are moving quite slowly in some issues, the movement in general continues. We hope that we will achieve success,” he added.
“At the meetings that we held between representatives of foreign affairs of our countries, we paid great attention to political issues of relations between our countries, as well as the issue of convening the next meeting of the intergovernmental commission. We hope that at the end of October or in November, maybe this will take place. meeting, “he said.
According to the deputy minister, at this meeting “all aspects of economic cooperation will be considered.” “From the Sudanese side, our commission is headed by the Minister of Natural Resources, issues of technical cooperation, progress in various areas will be discussed. I hope that the Russian side will also actively participate in this meeting, it is very important: this commission, we hope, will discuss issues of Russian investments in various fields, such as mining, “he said.
Sharif pointed out that the parties maintain an active dialogue in the field of agriculture. “We would like to develop it further,” he continued. “Both crop and livestock production. We hope that Russian investments in these areas will increase.”
The Deputy Foreign Minister of Sudan added that Khartoum expects to “use Russia’s experience in the development of various scientific areas,” as well as in the oil industry, where the Russian side has “very great potential.” “There is also one more sphere – the sphere of tourism. I think we can actively cooperate here, too,” the diplomat said. He also said that during his visit to Moscow he discussed the topic of an agreement on the creation of a support point for the Russian Navy in the republic. “We discussed this issu-e at a high-level meeting of the Russian-Sudanese working committee. This issue will be coordinated between the military of our countries,” he said.