Sudan, US delegates to meet over terrorism list with UAE officials

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DUBAI: A delegation from Sudan’s sovereign council will meet with delegates from the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to discuss removing Sudan from a list of state sponsors of terrorism, the council said in a statement on Sunday, official authorities revealed.

The council’s chairman Abdel Fattah al-Burhan will be heading to the UAE on for a two-day visit. On this visit he will discuss the latest developments in region regarding Sudan. Bilateral talks will also take place with Emirati officials.

Sudanese Justice Minister Nasruddin Abdul Bari will discuss with the US the removal of Sudan from a US list of state sponsors of terror.

The statement further adds that “The accompanying ministerial delegation headed by Justice Minister Nasruddin Abdul Bari and experts in negotiation will hold talks with a team of US officials in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) about removing Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, supporting the transitional period, and relieving Sudan from American debts.”

Since the downfall of President Omar Al-Bashir last year and the installation of a transitional government, the US has said it is open to removing Sudan from the list.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Khartoum last month and discussed removing sanctions against Sudan, which are in place as a result of the terror designation.Sudan has been on the list since 1993.

Al-Burhan will also meet with a team of officials from the US administration for talks on removing Sudan from the terrorism list, local media said.

The US sanctioned Sudan over its alleged support for militant groups and the civil war in Darfur, during Omar al-Bashir’s rule.

Trade sanctions were lifted in 2017 but Sudan remains on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, which prevents it from accessing badly needed funding from international lenders.

It is expected that on Sunday a meeting will take place on the sidelines of the visit by Burhan to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

He is expected to meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed to discuss the possible normalization deal with Israel in return for U.S. and Emirati aid for Sudan and removal from terrorist list.

Burhan only represents the military faction of the government.

The civilian faction and Prime Minister Hamdok had reservations about the move for a long time out of concern for domestic protests, the sources revealed.

Sudanese sources told that in recent days, Hamdok was convinced that normalization with Israel will serve Sudan’s interests and gave Burhan a green light to move forward if Sudan’s requests for economic aid are met.

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