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Suicide attack in Afghanistan’s Ghor province kills 13, death toll expected to rise

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KABUL: Afghanistan security officials have confirmed a suicide car bombing in country’s western Ghor province. The suicide attack took place on Sunday in Feroz Koh city, the provincial capital, that resulted in death of 13 people and around 120 were wounded. The authorities have told that a car packed with explosives detonated causing in huge explosion, the Afghan Interior Ministry said in a statement. Spokesperson for the provincial governor in Ghor said that, the blast was so strong that its sound could hear across Feroz Koh, the capital city of the province.”It damaged and partially destroyed a few government buildings, including the police chief’s office, the women’s affairs department and the provincial office for refugees,” Aber said.

Additionally, the country’s Independent Human Rights Commission has condemned the fighting. “This continued violence is horrific, unacceptable, inhuman, un-Islamic. This must stop. Anyone with any power over this has an obligation to stop this senseless, ongoing murder,” commission’s chairperson, Shaharzad Akbar, said in a statement. The wounded and dead were immediately taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. Mohammad Omer Lalzad, the head of local hospital said that the staff has been treating dozens of injured people after the bombing. The head of hospital is expecting that the death toll might rise with time because of severity of injuries. After the attack, Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Aran said that, the attack struck near the entrance of the provincial police chief’s office and other nearby government buildings in the area.

After the attack, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility.

The experts say that such attacks might damage the ongoing peace talks being held in Doha as it might bring cracks in the trust build between the parties. The Afghan peace talks are being taken as hope for ending decade’s long war that has consumed millions of lives.

According to the official authorities, on Friday, the Taliban agreed to suspend attacks in southern Afghanistan that had displaced thousands of residents in recent days. This agreement came after the US vowed to cut short all strikes and night raids in keeping with the peace agreement the US signed with the Taliban in February. The US had been conducting airstrikes in support of Afghan forces. Both of them are aiming to drive back Taliban assaults in Helmand province, which threatened to derail efforts to end Afghanistan’s war.

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