‘Superwomen’ exhibit opened

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The Abarzanan, or ‘“Superwomen” exhibit opened on March 8 – International Women’s Day—as a celebration of the authority and historical role of Afghan women in the world, said artist and organizer Rada Akbar. The exhibit will be opened until March 22, at Chihilsitoon Palace.

The exhibition aims to showcase women’s struggles to achieve their rights.

The “Superwomen’ exhibit has been running for two years, and Rada Akbar has spent a year devoting herself to designing these art pieces depicting women.

Sixteen influential women, including Roya Sadat, a filmmaker; Khalida Popalzai, a footballer; Parwen, a 40s country singer and other women who have fought violence and inequality are represented in the exhibit. “The hands we used in these statues are a symbol of violence, which is used in the name of politics, in the name of economics or in the name of religion against women,” said Rada Akbar, artist.

In the other corner of the exhibition, a sculpture of Rukhshana, a girl stoned by the Taliban four years ago in Ghor province, was also displayed.

Visitors say that such works of art have a great positive impact on society.

“When we read about these women’s pasts, those who have oppressed them, we see that they were very heroic women,” said Nigena, a visitor.

“It’s a moment of joy when women can work shoulder to shoulder with men in the society,” said Mida Gul, another visitor. (TOLOnews)