Support of criminals and public rights

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Several hundred people gathered on Saturday outside the walls of the United States Congress to speak out in support of the participants, who attacked the US Congress on January 6, 2021. During the violent riots, several Police officers were killed, dozens were injured, and the sanctity of the supreme US legislative body was trashed by the rioters. The people of the world witnessed that the rioters were instigated by the then sitting President to scuttle the ongoing confirmation ceremony of his Political rival. However, this time, the supporters of the rioters were being led by Matt Brainard, a close aide of Donald J. Trump, under the umbrella of “look ahead America” a nonprofit organization. According to reports, Metropolitan Police was alert and Security Agencies were not asleep and clear illustration of the situation was given to the Capital administration. The authorities were fully prepared and enhanced security measures were taken to meet the situation in the Capitol. According to the media, the Demonstrators were demanding Justice for J6 (a call to justice for the participants in the January riots), a demand for fair treatment in the courts for more than 600 suspects currently under trial by the prosecutor.

In fact, United States citizens are enjoying unprecedented freedom of expression, peaceful gathering, and other social and political rights. While observing these rights they often cross the limit and used to indulge in crimes. Truly speaking, the United States and western societies have protected the rights of killers, assassins and criminals and have forgotten the rights of the victims who had been stabbed by those killers. In the same bid, a mob gathered in front of the Congressional building was demanding justice for rioters instead of those who got killed or injured by the protestors on January 6. The political culture of the United States has changed a lot, patience has been replaced with rage, the inclusiveness ruled out by the white supremacy, while affiliation is being preferred over values. The coming time would illustrate the consequences of this changing behavior; however, these sentiments are not indicative of a rising society.

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