Swara case: Police arrest 13 suspects for forcing minor girl to marry old man in Buner

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BUNER: At least 13 suspected persons from Banda Tangi area of District Buner by police over their alleged involvement in giving a minor girl as swara (also known as vani).

According to the local culture, Swara is a old custom in parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan in which a young girl is forcibly married to an older man to end the enmity between two families and also known as to give punishment to a girl for a crime committed by her male family member.

According to Buner police, a local jirga had ordered marriage of four-year-old girl to an older man after her brother had eloped with a girl from his village.

The girl family registered a complaint against the 13 people involved in the case and later police arrested the accused. The case has been registered under clauses 310A and 39 of the Child Protection Act 2010.

The arrested were identified as Saeed Laeeq, Wazir Ali Zartaj, Qasim Khan, Bakht Zameen, Ashtar Khan, Tanush Khan, Riaz, Bakht Sultan, Amir Muhammad Khan, Amroz Khan, and Maulvi Zahir Saeed.



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