Swedes form

Swedes form human shield for Muslims in Friday prayer

STOCKHOLM (AA): Dozens of Swedes have formed a human shield for Muslims on Friday in a bid to ensure their security during weekly prayer.

As part of the ongoing protests across the world decrying twin terror attacks by a white supremacist in New Zealand that killed at least 50 and injured dozens, Swedish people demonstrated yet another solidarity with the Muslims.

Sweden’s Culture and Democracy Minister Amanda Lind told Anadolu Agency that she is very happy to see so many people gathered in Stockholm Mosque to offer a peaceful Friday prayer for Muslims. She said that it is not only the terror attacks in New Zealand but the racism and Islamophobia, as well, that brought them all together.

Activist Dror Feiler, a member of the Ship to Gaza foundation that aims to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip in Palestine by delivering humanitarian aid from Scandinavia to Gaza, also expressed his joy to see a big crowd. Activists did not leave until the weekly Friday prayer ended. In return for their support, the mosque officials gave out water and dates to the activists.

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