Swedish Muslim convert faces threats, insults

STOCKHOLM (AA): A Swedish teen has been exposed to numerous heavy threats and insults over the past seven months after her conversion to Islam.

Ronja Andersson, the goalkeeper of Sweden U19 Women National Team, appeared on a TV show called Troll Hunter on Monday night.

During the show was identified a person who sent Andersson’s house a hate letter. The identified person also attended the show to apologize to Andersson.

On her story of becoming a Muslim on the show, Andersson, 19, said: “I had a Turkish boyfriend when I was 15, and I learned about Islam from his family.

When I went to Turkey with his family, I was so much impressed by the mosques.”

She added that she tried to practice the duties of Islam together with the Turkish family and decided to become a Muslim.

Stating that she had a peaceful life after becoming a Muslim, Andersson added: “I read the Holy Quran, I pray and fast […]

“I am proud and happy to be a Muslim.”

Ronja Andersson was also a hot topic in Sweden when she converted to Islam on May 2018.