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Swiss FM will not be able to continue his trip to China

Written by The Frontier Post

ZURICH (RIA Novosti): Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, whose plane had previously landed in Moscow, will not be able to continue his trip to China and will return to his country on Friday.

“We have considered v-arious options (to continue the trip). Unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible to continue the trip to Ch-ina. Therefore, today Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis will return from M-oscow to Switzerland,” the Swiss Foreign Ministry sa-id in a message posted on Twitter.

On Saturday, Cassis was scheduled to meet with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi . But on Friday the plane with the minister was rero-uted to Moscow due to tec-hnical problems. The plane of the Swiss Air Force, following the flight Novosi-birsk – Hangzhou, returned to the airport of departure “Tolmachevo”, and then went to Moscow instead of China for a technical reason, a source told RIA Novosti.

As RIA Novosti was told at the Swiss Foreign Ministry , the situation with the plane rerouted to Moscow posed no threat to those on board.

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