Switzerland drops all COVID-19 curbs for Saudi tourists

Monitoring Desk

RIYADH: In welcome news for travelers, the Swiss government has lifted the majority of its measures put in place to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Feb. 17, visitors from Saudi Arabia are no longer required to provide an entry form, vaccine certificate, or negative PCR test, and the same rules apply for most GCC countries.

After arriving in one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations, guests can enjoy the endless attractions Switzerland has to offer, from natural scenery and outdoor pursuits to delicious local cuisine and immersive cultural experiences.

With regulations eased, masks and COVID-19 certificates are not needed when entering shops, restaurants, cultural venues and other public settings and events.

The move signals Switzerland’s return to normal as the COVID-19 burden has eased, with the healthcare system no longer deemed at risk of becoming overwhelmed.

To protect the resident and tourist population, anyone who tests positive must still isolate.

Masks should also still be worn on public transport and in healthcare settings until the end of March.

Courtesy: (Arabnews)