Syrian humanitarian crisis

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The UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria has objected to the closure of the humanitarian corridor while saying that it would be immoral to consider closing the last border crossing when needs are very high and merit an exceptional authorization for humanitarian aid delivery through the last operational border crossing into northwest Syria. According to the UN Commissioner, Syria faces its worst economic and humanitarian crisis since the start of the conflict, while the international community has the responsibility to safeguard existing, life-saving cross-border assistance and fulfills its pledges to support the UN endeavors to satisfy the urgent needs of Syrian people. According to UN data, 14.6 million Syrians are now dependent on humanitarian assistance, while 12 million people are facing acute food insecurity and famine-like situations.
Syria is facing acute food insecurity and a growing famine crisis while ongoing global economic emergency and rising inflation have made the situation worse for over 14 million Syrians in the war-hit country. The World Food Program (WFP) and several western humanitarian agencies had been working in Syria over the past 11 years, but the emergence of the Ukraine war and eruption of the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe had shifted the priorities of donor countries toward Ukraine while Syria fell down at the bottom of the priority list of donor nations.
According to reports, scarcity of humanitarian aid and lack of financial resources had compelled the Syrian people to devise other means to fulfill their needs including eating less, avoiding essential medical treatment and selling fuel aid to buy food grains etc. However, the sufferings of Syrian people are less likely to pause until the global community provides them with sufficient resources and food supplies to satisfy their urgent needs. According to a UNO report, the humanitarian assistance provided by the UN and donor agencies had been misused by the Bashar-al-Assad regime and Syrian rebels for the achievement of their military objectives in the past, which increased the miseries of a common man. Presently, the UN Commissioner has rightly sensitized the global community about the grave humanitarian situation in Syria so timely action could be taken to avoid a disaster in the Arab nation.

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