Taiwan, Covid and conspiracy

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The 74th annual World Health Assembly (WHA) is being held on May 24 in virtual format. The Assembly is the decision-making body of the World Health Organization, and presently working to enhance global cooperation in battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. The increased cooperation of the countries and organizations would lead to the advancement of global health and global health security, which largely affect all walks of individual and social life.

The forthcoming annual World Health Assembly (WHA) has bring a controversy with it, because the WHO leadership has excluded the virtual participation of Taiwan, based on its status at international world body UNO. Last, year China objected the Taiwan participation at WHO forum, after that WHO excluded Taiwan from its panel. Currently, United States urged the Director General WHO to invite Taiwan to participate as an observer at the WHA. America is vigorously advocating for Taiwan participation in World Health Assembly on various grounds but for real intent of denting China at International forum.

In fact, the Taiwanese controversy was injected by the United States last year when in mid-2020, US Mission to the UN and Department of State’s Bureau of International Organizations had insisted Taiwan to share its experience in fight against the coronavirus pandemic with WHO and advocated this move at twitter platform. The efforts were blatantly snubbed by the Chinese government by declaring the Taiwan as its part. As a matter of fact, UN General Assembly had passed a resolution 2758 dated 25 Oct 1971, which calls for one china Policy and determined the Peoples Republic of China as the only legitimate representative of China. As per this resolution, Taiwan cannot maintain diplomatic relations with any Country of the World, nor it has membership of any international organizations including UNO, WHO or others.

However, United States is backing Taiwan in its efforts to break away from China. Due to these intentions, US is in continuous efforts to provide a space to Taiwan at international forums to create diplomatic problems for China and pave a path for Taiwan to get its neck out of Chinese Clutch. However, it is not an easy task, Chinese are aware of the US tactics and ready to guard against them.

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