Taiwan showcases its military muscles

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The Taiwanese military began its annual Hanguang command post exercise on Monday. According to the head of the defense department of the Island, the exercises will reflect the experience of hostilities in Ukraine, as well as imitate the exacerbation of relations with mainland China. As said, the first phase of the exercise will last five days and only senior command personnel will take part in this phase, who will develop both defensive and offensive operations for various branches and types of troops. The second round will include live firing and troops will work out the tactics of using Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger man-portable air defense systems, which are being used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russia in the current conflict. While, use of drones, live firing and tactical training in person and computer simulation will be used in the exercise against the perceived enemy, which is in fact, mainland China.

Taiwan, a self-proclaimed Republic and disputed territory being claimed by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as its province, is currently strengthening its defenses to protect itself from a possible assault from Beijing any time in future. The bilateral relations of both nations became worse after Taipei sided with the United States and the west and prepared to contest China if it tries to assimilate Taiwan into itself forcefully. The United States has provided massive military assistance to Taiwan to build a powerful military to deter the Chinese threat, however, Washington is unable to fulfill Taiwan a whole of military requirements due to ongoing war in Ukraine. Even then, US Pacific Command is always available to assist Tai pei against any foreign aggression.

Presently, the geopolitical rivalry has brought Taiwan into the center stage of the US-China global competition and Americans want to use this trump card against Beijing. In fact, Taiwanese are ready to play on behalf of Washington, while aggressive China is furiously marching into the Taiwanese airspace and territorial waters to express its military might and resolve to fight its adversaries. Hence, the time would decide the champion of this contest.

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