Taiwan-US COVID diplomacy

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The US media has reported that the United States will give Taiwan 750,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, as a part of President Joe Biden’s move to share tens of millions of jabs globally. Taiwan will receive these doses of vaccine under the United Nations backed program COVAX. According to reports, the United States will distribute about 80 million doses around the globe under this program. A group of  three US Senators including Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AL) and Senator Christopher Coons (D-DE) had recently visited Taiwan and assured the government of Taiwan of its full support in the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.  

According to reports presently Taiwan is facing a severe vaccine shortage after a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 fresh wave in the island started in late April. It further said that Taiwan has accused China of blocking its efforts to reach a deal with Bio-NTech to import the vaccine co-developed by the German company and Pfizer. However, Beijing said it is willing to supply vaccines to Taiwan, including Bio-NTech, through its Chinese partner Fosun, and blamed the Taiwanese government for putting politics above the lives of its people because Taiwanese government has banned the import of Chinese-made medicines.

In fact, Taiwan has mitigated the Coronavirus pandemic fully through imposition of strict restrictions and by February 2021 the average infection rate was 0.57 per 1000 cases. Which is the least one in the world, however due to carelessness of the health worker and public, a case of UK variant was detected in Taipei during late April and a fresh wave of the pandemic started at rapid pace. Currently the positivity rate is about 20 infections per week, which is again not so alarming like other countries in the region.

However, Taiwan is American darling nowadays, therefore a group of American Senators rushed to Taiwan and assured him of US support not only against the COVID-19 pandemic but beyond, exactly pointing toward Chinese threat. Presently, Taiwan does not have an alarming situation like India, UK, or several other nations but the United States became anxious about a minor headache of Taiwan and rushed to rescue it from that peril. America hit two targets through this trifle tactics, first stab China in its heart and secondly assure Taiwan about its genuineness.

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