Tajikistan summons US envoy

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DUSHANBE (Agencies): The Tajik Foreign Ministry handed a note to the US A-mbassador to Tajikistan in connection with the statem-ents of President Joe Biden.

Today, September 14, US Ambassador Extraordi-nary and Plenipotentiary to Tajikistan John Mark Pom-mersheim was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Af-fairs of the Republic of Ta-jikistan. He was handed a note of protest in connecti-on with the statements of the President of the US during his visit to the fire station in Pennsylvania, accor-ding to the Department of Information of the department. We will remind, Joe Biden on September 11, speaking in defense of his actions on the withdrawal of the US contingent from Afghanistan, added that many did not like how “we withdrew the troops.”

The US President  said that in Tajikistan people would also cling to the chassis of the American S-130, as in Kabul.

“It is difficult to explain to anyone how else it could have been done. For example, if we were in Tajikis-tan, we would roll out a C-130 (military transport aircraft) and say that we will allow everyone who sympathized with us in any way to board this plane, then in this case there would be people that would grab onto the chassis, ”Biden said.

“Such statements do not correspond to the spirit of friendly relations and partnership,” the note says.

The Information Depa-rtment of the Foreign Minist-ry of the Republic of Tajikistan emphasizes that Tajikistan is interested in developing mutually beneficial relations with the US in the spirit of mutual support and mutual respect.

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