Takhar displaced families
eye government support

TALOQAN (Pajhwok): A number of families displaced during the conflict between the forces of past and current governments have been without shelters asking the incumbent government to address their problems.

Saad Mohammad is one of these displaced persons who had been badly affected by these conditions and has lost the ability to work anymore.

He said his house along with tens of other houses in the Namak Ab district were destroyed in airstrikes two years back and wiped away everything he had.
Currently, he lived in a half-completed apartment in Taloqan City, the provincial capital, and was worried that the cold of the coming winter may claim the lives of his children.

He complained about the lack of work opportunities and asked the government to support him before the arrival of the winter season.

Gul Afroz, is another displaced person saying late conflict claimed her everything and his son who support the family.

She said as a result of severe conflict she migrated from the Rustaq district and faced uncertainties.

She asked the government to attract the attention of supporting NGOs for them and support them in a difficult situation.

Civil society activists in Takhar expressed concern over the situation of the displaced person and termed it as worrying.

Hamid Qarluq, one of the civil society activists in Takhar, expressed concern over the deteriorated condition of the displaced person and asked the government to provide support to them.

Refugees and Repatriation Department Director Sher Ahmad Anwari did not provide exact figures regarding the number of displaced families but assured that his department would attract assistance for the support of displaced persons.

Displaced families in Takhar reeling from difficulties and worsening situation at time when thousands of families were displaced during the past two decades as a result of war and conflict in the country.