Taking Kashmir dispute to UNSC

Taking Kashmir dispute to UNSC

A consultative meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), with all 15 members present, was briefed about the Indian illegal decision to annex the occupied Kashmir and human rights violations there. Pakistani’s Ambassador at the United Nations Dr. Maleeha Lodhi along with Chinese envoy in a media briefing described it a first step to meet the aspirations of the people of Kashmir and said that it amounts to hearing their voice at the highest diplomatic forum. Buttressing Pakistan’s stance on the core issue of Kashmir, Chinese diplomat at the UN said that the status of Kashmir is undecided and it is an internationally recognized dispute.

Before the UNSC meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan had a telephone conversation with the US President Donald Trump to take him into confidence about Pakistan’s principled and just stance on Kashmir dispute which can be a flash point in this region if it is not amicably resolved.

The Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Quershi told the reporters of print and electronic media in a similar briefing in Islamabad that by coming under discussion at UNSC new life has been infused in the Kashmir dispute and its international dimension has been restored after 50 years. He said that foreign Office will further access this diplomatic achievement and deliberations will be held what next steps can be taken. The Foreign Minister assured the people of occupied Kashmir of Pakistan’s continued moral and diplomatic support.

The “Shimla Agreement” signed by the then President of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indra Gandhi in July 1972 had locked the internationally recognized Kashmir dispute into the cocoon of bilateralism and afterwards India has successfully convinced the International community of its being an issue of bilateral nature. The discussion on this issue in composite dialogue process agreed between the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Indian counterpart Attal Bihari Vajpai in 1998 strengthened the India’s position of portraying it a bilateral dispute. Later in PPP and PML-N last tenures of governments the Kashmir dispute was put on the backburner. Surprisingly, in joint statement which was issued after the meeting of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the sideline of SCO Summit in the Russian city of Ufa the very mention of Kashmir dispute was excluded. From its trext.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan brought the issue of Kashmir to the front-burner and it was in a media briefing at the White House during his visit of the United States that President Trump disclosed that Narendra Modi has asked for the US mediation to resolve the Kashmir dispute. Perhaps the disclosure of the US President served as catalyst for the Indian illegal move of revocation of special status of the state of occupied Kashmir. It backfired and the international dimension of Kashmir dispute has been restored, which is a diplomatic victory achieved by the new ruling leadership of Pakistan.

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