Taliban arrest two persons on charges of raping, killing girl

F.P. Report

LASHKARGAH: The Taliban fighter arrested two persons in Nadali district of Helmand province over the charges of raping and killing a minor girl on Saturday.

As per details, a 10 years old girl was missing in Zarghun village, Nadali district of Helmand and her family was not able to found her, told by Muhammad Ulfat, Chairman Nadali district Social council.

“The 10-year-old daughter of Syed Aaka had gone missing. They could not find her despite putting all-out efforts. Syed Aaka has large areas of land in the area. He had hired the services of farmers to look after his lands.

The girl was the daughter of Syed Aaka and since his daughter was missing suspiciously his farmers also left the area which created doubts on them and after investigation we found the body and post mortem report confirmed that the minor girl was raped before killing, he added.

The village is in the control of Taliban and they had arrested two persons in this connection and the accused will probably presented in Taliban court tomorrow.