Taliban ban Uruzgan polio vaccination campaign

Taliban ban Uruzgan polio vaccination campaign

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TARNIKOT: Health official in central Uruzgan provinces say Taliban insurgents has banned polio vaccination campaign and warned the department to avoid administrating the drops to children.

Khan Agha Miakhel, provincial public health director, said Taliban wanted them to launch the campaign in mosques in the areas under their control otherwise they would ban the drive in the entire province.

Miakehl said the department could not accept the militants’ offer because the polio drive should be implemented through volunteers house-by-house.

Talks underway with Taliban in order to let the volunteers to implement the drive, he said, adding if the militants did not allow the campaign they were forced to leave unstable areas.

The health director warned if Taliban created such obstacles against the vaccination drive, Uruzgan would come to the queue of provinces that possessed positive polio cases. Bashir, a resident of Tarinkot City, hoped the Taliban did not create hurdles against health services to public. He urged the militants to allow the campaign.

Taliban have so far said nothing in this regard.



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