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Taliban behind Kabul attack: Abdullah

KABUL (TOLONews): A day after a group of gunmen stormed two government buildings in Kabul in which 43 people were killed, the Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, said he sees Taliban and their supporters behind the attack.

The target of the attack was the Public Works Ministry and the National Authority on Disabled and Heirs of Martyrs’ Affairs in Kabul’s PD16.

“I condemn this crime,” Abdullah said at an event in Kabul on Tuesday. “The enemies of Afghanistan once again committed a crime against the innocent people of the country. Whoever takes the responsibility of this act, the main perpetrator of this incident is the Taliban.”

He described Taliban as is a group which has disrupted Afghanistan’s security with “cruelty” and a group which is taking the lives of civilians and has many times taken responsibility for “such heinous acts”.

Abdullah said Taliban is a group which does not have “the courage” of face-to-face talks but it has “the cruelty” of conducting terror acts.

He also said that “any country which has given sanctuary to the Taliban and is giving safe haven to the group and are supporting them, are behind the attack”.

“The “Taliban” crime syndicate must know that with every attack they carry out against our people our resolve is further strengthened to eliminate them.

Their conduct is a disgrace to the very notion of peace,” Abdullah tweeted on Tuesday morning.

At least 43 people were killed, and 10 others were wounded after a group of attackers stormed a government building in Kabul on Monday, spokesman for Ministry of Public Health, Wahid Majrooh confirmed.

On Monday afternoon, a number of attackers stormed a government building in downtown Kabul – few kilometers in the east of the green zone where diplomatic offices are located – at around 3pm Kabul time on Monday.

The attack started with a car bomb explosion near the Ministry of Public Works and the National Authority for People with Disabilities and Martyrs’ Families in Kabul’s PD16 – near Makroyan-e-Kohna colony.

Three attackers then started gunshots and entered the building of the National Authority for People with Disabilities and Martyrs’ Families.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in a statement condemned the attack and said the Mission is actively working to verify information indicating scores of civilians, including women, were killed and injured in a coordinated attack in and around government offices.

“These attacks cause untold human suffering to Afghan families,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, head of UNAMA. “The United Nations unequivocally condemns them, as there is no justification whatsoever for such attacks.”

Taliban has rejected involvement in the attack.

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