Taliban capture Jowzjan’s Khamab district

Taliban capture Jowzjan’s Khamab district

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SHABARGHAN: Taliban fighters seized the Khamab district of northern Jowzjan province, police confirmed Monday.

The Taliban fighters had been conducting heavy attacks from different sides on the centre of Khamab district for the last two days forcing security forces to retreat from the district headquarters compound and main bazaar Monday morning, said Muhammad Ismail, police chief of Khamab district.

He told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) that the Taliban captured the district headquarters compound and bazaar, adding the security forces moved to the police headquarters in the Dewo Kala area and fighting continued there.

According to police, both the security forces and Taliban suffered casualties and its details would be released later. Taliban, meanwhile, said their fighters seized the district centre, military bases and surrounding security outposts.

The Taliban also claimed capturing the Daimirdad district of Wardak province but there was no word by government officials in this regard.

Fighting has been continuing in the Daimirdad district for the last several days wherein district police chief among numerous security men have been killed and tens more wounded so far.


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