Taliban capture key area in Jawzjan province

Monitoring Desk

SHEBERGHAN: The Taliban captured a key area from the Islamic State or Daesh in Qoshtipa district in Jawzjan province of Afghanistan on Thursday.

Four Daesh gunmen were killed in the gunfight with Taliban in Aqsae area in the limits of Qoshtipa, district governor Aminullah told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP).

The Taliban captured the Aqsaee area from Daesh, he said. The Taliban fighters of Sare Pul had engaged the Daesh gunmen in Aqsae area over the past two days, he said. Finally, he said the Taliban captured the area.

He said the Daesh killed the brother of their fighter Mullah Nadir in Sayad district of Sare Pul province few days ago. Later, Mullah Nadir joined hands with Taliban to take the revenge of his brother.

Aqsae area is located in Qoshtipa district. It is situated between Jawzjan and Sare Pul. The Taliban and Daesh have not said anything formally in this regard so far.