Taliban conducted 32 attacks: MoI

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: As the Afghan forces maintain a defense-only stance towards the Taliban following the official reduction in violence period, the Ministry of Interior said the Taliban conducted 32 attacks in 15 provinces over the last 24 hours.

The Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said the attacks were conducted on civilians and security forces members.

“Two civilians and five security force members were killed in the attacks,” Rahimi said. He added that 16 civilians and 12 security force members were wounded in the attacks.

According to Rahimi, the security forces conducted defensive operations in which eight Taliban fighters were killed and a would-be suicide bomber was killed in Kandahar before reaching his target.

Helmand governor Yasin Khan said that the Taliban have continued their attacks after the end of the weeklong reduction in violence. But he added the violence has been slightly reduced in Helmand compared to the past. “When they started the attacks, we also decided to respond,” he said.

Meanwhile, some Kabul residents called on the Taliban to quit violence. “Peace can ensure development in Afghanistan,” said Wahidullah Faqiri, a Kabul resident. “Let’s come together and build Afghanistan on our own,” said Wasim Ayar, a Kabul resident.

The Taliban has not commented on the Interior Ministry’s statement.(TOLOnews)