Taliban deny killing two comrades in Samangan

Monitoring Desk

AIBAK: Taliban militants killed two comrades in Khuram district of northern Samangan province, an official said on Wednesday, but the rebels claimed the slain men were police.

Khuram district administrative head Qari Abdullah Mujahid identified the slain men as Mohammad Abbas and Ghulam Hussain, residents of Aq-Chashma village.

He said the duo had joined the Taliban four months back and had been tasked with collecting ushr and zakat from local people.

But Mullah Abdul Rahim, a key Taliban commander, arrested the two men, took them to the village and shot them to death, Mujahid said

A resident of Aq Chashma area, who wished to go unnamed, said Taliban militants had killed two of their own men in the village.

However, Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said the slain men were not Taliban but they were policemen.