Taliban establishes Commission to invite Afghan figures in exile

KABUL (Khaama Press): The interim government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has approved the establishment of an exclusive commission aimed at inviting and getting Afghan figures in exile returned to Afghanistan. The commission is named “Repatriation and Connection” and was ratified at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.
A press release made public by the Administration of Affairs of the IEA reads, “Repatriation and Connection” commission will be led by Shahabudin Delawar, the acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum. Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, acting Minister of Information and Culture Khairullah Khairkhwa, acting Minister of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of vice Muhammad Khalid Hanafi, acting Army Chief of Staff Fasihudin, a key member of the leadership of the IEA Anas Haqqani, and Abdulhaq Wasiq are other members of the commission.
It comes after Commissioner of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees during his meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the IEA Abdul Salaam Hanafi said that a trusted and secure ground needs to be paved for Afghans in exile so that they come back to their country.