Taliban official accidentally killed by Taliban forces

PARWAN (Khaama Press): Najibullah Noori, the counter-crime manager for Jabal Saraj district in Parwan province in northern Afghanistan, was mistakenly killed by the Taliban forces, according to a statement from the Parwan police chief’s office.
According to the Parwan police chief’s statement, the counter-crime Taliban official was killed by the group’s forces due to an uncoordinated patrol, which also resulted in the death of Noori’s bodyguard.
The sources claim that the internal armed skirmish in Parwan province occurred on late Tuesday night when the sides exchanged gunfire, killing Qari Najibullah Noori and his bodyguard. To combat the National Resistance Front (NRF), an armed group opposing Taliban rule, the Taliban forces are said to conduct patrols and “cleaning” operations in northern Afghanistan, particularly in Panjshir province and the surrounding areas.
This comes as local sources previously reported that Qari Najibullah Noori, the Taliban Ministry of Interior’s Counter-Crime official, was killed by unknown gunmen in Parwan province.