Taliban reject decree of OIC Ulema moot, vow to continue Jihad

Taliban reject decree of OIC Ulema moot, vow to continue Jihad

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KABUL: Rejecting the decree of OIC Ulema conference in Saudi Arabia, the Afghan Taliban have said participants of the conference attempted to turn Afghanistan into another Palestine.

The OIC international conference on pace and stability in Afghanistan held in Jeddah and Makah cities of Saudi Arabia July 10-11 and declared suicide attacks and killing of innocent people as Haram. The conference urged Taliban to stop war and join the Afghan government.

Taliban, however, rejected the declaration of the conference and termed it as an attempt to turn Afghanistan into another Palestine.

“The Islamic conference, ulema and the host country, by taking advantage of their international importance, should have asked the US occupant, NATO and their partners to stop bombing the innocent and hapless nation of Afghanistan and trampling their harem,” the Taliban said in a statement issued late Wednesday night.

The statement said the participants of the conference tried to turn Afghanistan into second Palestine, tie the hands of fighters and shut eyes on the cruelty and crimes of occupants.

It said the OIC conference would not harm the ongoing jihad which was started following the fatwa of thousands of key ulema and support of Allah Almighty, adding the international forces would ultimately face defeat.

The Taliban continued that meetings like the Saudi Arabia conference are the military plans and program of American officials because US forces commander in Afghanistan had announced increasing religious pressure on Taliban before the conference.

The Taliban urged Saudi Arabia to help in bringing an end to the occupation of Afghanistan and play positive role in this regard.

The Taliban reiterated to continue jihad till the end of occupation, saying the stance adopted on the demand of US would neither put negative effects on the ongoing resistance of Taliban nor stop the ultimate defeat of Americans.




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