Taliban reject Ulema conferences

Taliban reject Ulema conferences

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KABUL: Rejecting the recent Ulema conferences in Kabul and Jakart as a US conspiracy to build pressure on Taliban, the Afghan Taliban US wanted to find justification for their occupation and weaken “jihadic resistance” of Afghan nation.

In a statement released in English, Urdu, Pashto Dari and Arabic Tuesday, the Taliban said the ulema conferences in held Indonesia and Kabul were in line with US plan disclosed by US forces commander General John Nicholson to apply different pressure on Taliban.

“A combination of religious, social, diplomatic and military pressure will be applied on the Taliban,” the Taliban quoted the US commander as saying while addressing a press conference on March 18, this year.

“Religious pressure means that conferences under the name of religious scholars from Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Islamic countries will be held and they will issue a Fatwa (Islamic verdict) against the Taliban in these conferences to undermine legitimacy of their struggle from a religious perspective,” the statement said.

According to the US plan, first gathering of religious scholars was convened in Bogor, Indonesia on 11 May of the current year while similar conferences to be held in Kabul, Islamabad and Saudi Arabia have also been planned, the statement said.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this process under the title of conferences of the Islamic Scholars as an absolute anti-Islamic US process whereas its idea, logistical support and implementation is directly led by the US itself. The US wants through these conferences to find justification for their military occupation, legitimize their stooge Kabul Administration and thus weaken the Jihadic resistance of Afghan Muslim nation being put up against them,” the Taliban stated.

The Taliban’s Islamic Emirate urged religious scholars to reject these conferences as the scheme of the invaders.

“We wish to convey to those scholars who might argue that they are participating in such gatherings to speak the truth and defend the cause of Mujahideen, that even if you will speak the truth in such conferences, the final declaration, propaganda and media are in the hands of the invaders. They can distort your assertions and utilize it for their own interests.”

Taliban said the fatwa issued by the Kabul ulema conference had no rational argument to delegitimize jihad.

“As far as we have followed the process of these conferences and studied their decisions, this Fatwa is not Sharia–based and holds no rational argument to de-legitimize the current lawful Jihad,” the statement said, adding the participants of the conference spoke about moral values and criticized civilian casualties.

The Taliban claimed that they were trying to avoid civilian casualties and for this purpose they had formed separate commission.

“Furthermore, our current Jihad is defensive because infidels have invaded our Muslim land and defensive Jihad is started against them. As far as defensive Jihad is concerned, when infidels attacks a land of Muslims then all books of Fiqh (Jurisprudence) say that Jihad becomes obligatory upon every man, woman, slave, freeman and upon all Muslims. All should wage Jihad without permission of anyone otherwise all are sinners and have shunned a mandatory obligation. Therefore, there is no need for permission from a state in cases of defensive Jihad,” it added.

“Therefore, we want to tell the religious scholars that they should fear the torment of this world and the Hereafter about this sensitive issue of considering the rightful Jihad as illegitimate,” the statement said.

“To end, once again we respectfully urge the religious scholars of Afghanistan and the Muslim world to cooperate and help the Muslim nation and Mujahideen instead of assisting and participating in the conferences of the secret service of the enemy so that Allah the Almighty thwarts the plots of occupation and reinstates the dignity and independence of Muslim nation,” the statement concluded.



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