Taliban threaten to “block” PIA flights to Kabul

KABUL (RIA Novosti): The Taliban threatened to “block” the flights of the private airlines Kam Air and Pakistan International Airlines if they did not reduce ticket prices to the level at which they were before the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan.
“Private airlines PIA and Kam Air have been informed that ticket prices should be adjusted to the cost at which they were sold before the coming (to power) of the Islamic Emirate (the name of the Taliban state),” Movement spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid wrote on Twitter , citing to the Ministry of Aviation and Transport.
It is noted that in case of refusal to adjust the prices, the flights of the companies will be “blocked.”
Flights between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been restricted since Kabul’s airport was temporarily out of service last month, effectively paralyzed after the chaotic evacuation of more than 100,000 Afghans wanting to leave the country after the Taliban came to power.
Harbor officials later reported new operational difficulties after the Taliban changed the rules for issuing permits for flights.
Amid the growing economic crisis, there was a strong demand for flights, and the main passport office in Kabul was besieged by people trying to get documents for entry and exit. Ticket demand has jumped further due to difficulties in operating ground checkpoints on the border with Pakistan.