Taliban visits grave of
resistance front’s late commander

PANJSHIR (Khaama Press): The Taliban Governor for Panjshir province in northern Afghanistan visited the tomb of the resistance front’s late commander, Ahmad Shah Massoud, in Panjshir province’s Tapa-e-Saricha area.
Mohammad Mohsen Hashemi, the Taliban governor of Panjshir province, visited the tomb of Ahmad Shah Massoud. He stated that the purpose of his visit was to disprove the reports of Massoud’s grave desecration.
“Our government is in no way in favor of insulting the tomb of any person and the tomb of Ahmad Shah Massoud is also safe,” Hashemi said.
The top Taliban official also said that he has assigned people to guard Ahmad Shah Massoud’s mausoleum.
In a single year, the gravestone at Ahmad Shah Massoud’s mausoleum was destroyed and desecrated twice, and the Taliban’s critics blame the group for the vandalism.
Prior to restoring the jihadist figure’s grave, the Taliban government had claimed that unknown people were to blame for the desecration.
Many former jihadi leaders and followers of the late Afghan commander reacted vehemently when a video showing the re-destruction of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s tombstone was posted on social media.
Some Taliban officials claimed that it was a conspiracy to destroy Ahmad Shah Massoud’s tombstone and that it was done to inflame people’s emotions.
The resistance front’s leader, Ahmad Shah Massoud, battled the Taliban up until his death, which was caused by a suicide bombing.
His son, Ahmad Massoud, has emerged as the leader of the resistance front now that the Taliban have retaken control of Afghanistan after 20 years of war.