Taliban’s plan to overrun Kabul failed: Mohib

KABUL (TOLO News): The National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib on Thursday said the Taliban militants had plotted major attacks on the start of the current year to occupy Kabul, but the group failed to take over a single district in the country.

While assessing the security situation in the northern province of Parwan on Thursday, Mohib said that the Afghan security forces managed to recapture several areas which had fallen to the Taliban in the past.

“This year, the enemy was looking to enter Kabul or at least take over several provinces,” Mohib said.

He said that Afghan people will not accept the peace in which they do not see the interests of their country.

“If the peace comes in the shape of a project or conspiracy in which our system will be disrupted, we all will retaliate against it,” added Mohib.

“We want peace, but a dignified peace, a peace which is lasting, a peace which comes on behalf of the people of Afghanistan,” said Ghulam Bahauddin Jailani, head of Parwan Provincial Council.

Mohib pledged to work together with the security institutions to improve security in some restive regions of the province.

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