Teacher flings pencil at first grader, damages her eyesight in Pattoki

F.P. Report

LAHORE: In a woeful tale of corporal punishment, a school teacher damaged an eye of a one grader in a Pattoki school when she flung a pencil at her, making the student blind from that eye, on Monday.

Reportedly, 6-year-old Aqsa is a student of grade one in a Pattoki school. But the little child suffered the most inhuman punishment by her teacher who flung a pencil at her which hit her eyeball, damaging her sight permanently.

Aqsa came to home and complained to her parents about pain in her eye. They immediately took her to Jinnah Hospital in Lahore where doctors performed a procedure on her eye.

But even after the operation, she still is not able to see from that eye, Aqsa mother moaned, adding that it seems her sight from that eye has gone.

The family called on Kasur deputy commissioner, CEO Education and local police to take action against the teacher who inflicted a permanent damage to their child’s eye.

They also bewailed the apathy of the school administration who did not take the child who was in agony to a hospital for treatment.

Pakistan passed a historic bill in National Assembly last year banning all types of corporal punishment at formal and informal workplaces and in various educational settings including religious, government and private institutions. But the bill applied to Islamabad only, and the rest of the country was yet to follow suit.